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Daily Prompt: Million Dollar Question

Why do you blog?
Shhh! Never, ever ask that question! That’s like the third biggest question in the history of the universe, just below ‘Doctor who?’ and ‘What is the Question to the Answer of Life, the Universe and Everything (and what does it have to do with forty-two)?’

Asking that question will open a hole in the fabric of the blog/time continuum, unleashing swarms of Backspaceasaurs and Flying Rollbacks! I remember the last time someone asked that question… [Story]

It was 1962, and John F. Kennedy was typing away at his blog, TheWhiteHouseFiles, when his secretary sent him a memo, which said ‘why do you blog?’ It was later shown that the message had come from a sleeper agent working for the USSR and was revenge for the attempted murder of Fidel Castro by the CIA with a poisoned wetsuit. This resulted in several Hackmonsters entering the Pentagon’s computer network, nearly triggering World War Three. Luckily, an unnamed FBI agent used an extremely malicious killcode, not only wiping out  the invading creatures but also all computer hard drives within 10 miles. So remember,boys and girls, beware the question! Beware…  [/story]


Daily Prompt: Five A Day

You’ve been exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

Hmm… that’s a toughie. Sushi would be my first choice, because I love it and it has fish and rice and other important foodstuffs inside it. Next I might pick potatoes, because you can survive for years on potatoes alone. Does milk count? I’m a bit of a milkaholic so that would have to be included. What do you mean, there’s water there?! What, I’m supposed to drink water for the rest of my life? Yeah, right… Chocolate is essential. I can even mix it with my milk (which I am bringing, thank you very much) to make a milkshake and use it for firewood and whatnot. And finally, I want cheese. Why? It has been scientifically proven that it either a) gives you good dreams, or b) gives you weird dreams, which will be good while I slowly go insane from lack of books, wi-fi etc., because at least I’ll have imaginary people to talk to when I fall asleep.