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Death by Bandwidth!

I, true to form, completely forgot about my Atheneum and didn’t even log on for weeks, so it’s taken a massive crisis to get me back on: we have no bandwidth! That means NO Planetside 2, NO Age of Empires III and NO Minecraft CTF! I’m DOOMED!!!

No idea why I’m posting this but, hey, I might as well.


Spiritual Talismans For The Win!

I’m not much of a believer in magic and the supernatural, but I have a fondness for lucky talismans and amulets. Here are a couple which I quite like and would probably buy if I had enough money.

ImageWolf’s Head Traveling Amulet (Black Onyx & Amethyst) – Protection and Guidance while traveling, as well as Good Luck and Spiritual Protection.

ImageYin Yang Medallion (Black Onyx & Cat’s Eye Gemstone) – Amplifies Good Luck and Protection, as well as providing a grounding point for the spirit.

ImageBone Spiritual and Business Amulet (Black Onyx) – Promotes Success in Business and Abundance of Wealth.